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Sunday, August 12, 2012

WW2012: The Definitive Programme



His name is Sid, apparently

HAUNTED SKIES: Report into West Midlands Police Officer’s UFO sighting 02.25 5.8.2012


And so the busiest week of my year begins. And its raining, which, considering that I have to do one of my Cecil B de Mille jobs featuring Graham and three small children (one of whom is dressed like a sheep) is somewhat problematical. However, these things always work out in the end...

And so today, we start off with our regular visit from Thom the World Poet, who will be featured on Gonzo most days from now on...

It is always a pleasure to showcase Michael Des Barres, especially when (as in today's post) he is actually showcasing the work of a fine chasritable organisation which teaches girls to play rock and roll. Yay!

The massively funny Peter McAdam (and, by the way, I mean funny ha ha, rather than funy peculiar, as my old Mama was wont to say, not that she knew Peter McAdam) has done the first 9 Henrys video. Make it go viral guys..

Karnataka are a fantastic band. I am not even going to attempt to categorise them because, every time I do something like that, my various young relatives sneer at me for getting the modern genres totally wrong. I would have said that they are mildly gothy proggy something or others, but that is not really an adequate description so Ignore me. What do I know? I'm only a has-been music journalist..

Dan Wooding is an eminent author responsible for all sorts of hefty tomes incluiding a recently reissued biography of Rick Wakeman that I did the design work on. I'm very proud of it, and so will shamelessly plug Dan W whenever I have the chance.

And once again we have the chance to showcase another fine review of the multi-talented Erik Norlander. He sings, he dances, he jumps naked out of a cake! Actually he doesn't do any of those (as far as I am aware) but he does play a mean keyboard or three..

The eagle eyed amongst you will probably have noticed that my comments are shorter than usual. This is because we are only a few days away from the Weird Weekend www.weirdweekend.org.uk. We shall be posting as normal, but the posts are likely to be a little bit more perfunctory than usual this week. If you want to know what all the fuss is about - there are still tickets available, and we would love to see you. Only £25 for the best Fortean Fun you can have with your clothes on. And there's free cake!


EMMA OSBORNE: Zazzle shop updates

We are currently updating our merchandise range through Zazzle and have currently added playing cards, Wii, x-box and ps3 skins, laptop skins of varying sizes as well as kindle skins and a widening range of pet merchandise, more merchandise will be going up over the next few days so check back.

Zazzle will be available for people to buy Weird Weekend 2012 Merchandise at the event this year

Don’t forget that everything sold raises us much needed revenue for the CFZ.

To purchase from our store please visit http://www.zazzle.com/cfzjon
Thank your for your continued support
Emma Osborne

CFZ PEOPLE: Dougal Robert William Taylor-Rose

Welcome to the world dude...


Yesterday I posted a link to an article by Hayley S in which she bemoaned the fact that the skeptical community had been 'disappointing' in their reaction to the recent photograph from Loch Ness. Now, just like everyone else I have no idea what this picture shows. If I were to hazard a guess I would say a seal. However, especially in view of the way that some blurry and unconvincing `bigfoot` photographs are latched-on to by all and sundry, I am quite surprised by the level of disbelief that this picture elicits...

A new photograph, supposedly of the Loch Ness Monster, is making the rounds online, creating quite a discussion as it does. Reportedly taken in 2011 but not publicized until now, the photo claims to show the fabled Loch Ness Monster in unrivaled clarity that was only imaginable in previous decades characterized by grainy black and white images and movies.

So, could it all be real? My bet: probably not, for two reasons.

Read on...

DALE DRINNON: Frontiers of Anthropology

Guest Blogger Kakha Margiani has been given free permission to post whatever he feels like on Frontiers of Anthropology with the understanding that if I disagree with anything he says, we can discuss it later. He has put up several new articles:

Currently (Saturday night) unable to get into blogs' statistics and format pages to approve (or even view) comments, so the submitted comments at Frontiers of Zoology shall be delayed until the bug is fixed. This is a bug we get on the blogs here every so often.