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Saturday, August 11, 2012


It's sunday lunchtime, so its time
to do the Gonzo blogs in rhyme,
and if you ask me why, I say,
it makes me happy doing it this way.

But things have changed (gosh wouldn't you know it)
there is a proper daily poet
writing here on Gonzo Daily,
will Thom be a challenge for me?
Of course not, cos his poems are swell
and mine are just crass doggerell,
written by an ageing freak
cos it makes him laugh one day a week

Michael Des Barres is a Marquis
and a very talented chap you see,
he sings and acts and other stuff
and you's have thought he'd have had enough
But I've talked to him (he's really sweet)
and his new CD Carnaby Street
is really really really good
so buy it guys (you know you should)

Sadly the world has quite a dearth
of talents like John Shuttleworth
a performer of great renown
he may be visiting your town
so why not ring up all your mates
and have a shufti at his tour dates,
and fun I'm sure you'll have the most
so go check out this Gonzo post

Oh Rob Ayling will you pay please
to send me to the antipodes
and if you're wondering what for,
Rick Wakeman's doing a New Zealand Tour
I really would like to escape
and watch the man who wears the cape
and if my plea's acceptable to you,
will you pay my bar bill too?

His career many decades spanned
he sang with Manfred Mann's Earth Band
and also with a band called 'Night',
and others too (I expect he might)
Rob Ayling kindly gave to me
a lavish CD/DVD
recorded at a German show
it's by Chris Thompson don't you know

And finally we have a gander
at an interview with Erik Norlander
who plays for Asia featuring John Payne
and is hitched to the lovely Lana Lane
he has a solo career as well
his records all just sell and sell
And here presented just for you
is a link to a great interview

Regular readers here like me
will all know my friend Davey C
who writes some of our gig reviews
and otherwise comments on Gonzo news
he visited me last night with beer
and his daughter Rosie said "Look Here,
Dad's not the talented one you know"
so we're featuring her video

And so before we reach the end,
in five days its the Weird Weekend
an annual fortean gig I do
in rural Devon just for you,
so please check out the gig website
and I'll see you all on thursday night

(We will be posting the Gonzo Daily next weekend, but it is likely to be in a more truncated form than usual)

HAUNTED SKIES: Times (The) 12.9.67


OLL LEWIS: Yesterday's News Today

On this day in 1883 the last known quagga died in the Artis Zoo, Amsterdam.
And now the news:

New human species identified from Kenya fossils
Test Vaccine Successfully Protects Monkeys from Ni...
Shanyna Isom Grows Nails Instead Of Hair Due To Sk...
Marine species' deaths caused by UVB increases
Earliest Use of Mexican Turkeys by Ancient Maya
The Hidden Power of Whale Poop
Biologists: Media Sensationalizes Animal Sex
Pentagon to recruit bomb-sniffing rats
KittyCam Catches Cats' Killer Side
Aspiring filmmakers turn lenses on Karelian bear d...

Not a quagga, but an unusual looking zebra:


A brief administrative notice. Ticketholders please report to the reception desk. We are not mailing out physical tickets this year, but worry not. We wrote a list of you all on the back of a beer mat somewhere...

Actually there is a very fine Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with you all on it.

If you want to camp, please email graham@cfz.org.uk. He is the camp co-ordinator.


Two new links for Frontiers of Anthropology,
both centering on the theme of Atlantis and Undersea volcanoes: