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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

SAD NEWS: William Corliss has died


William R. Corliss DiesCorliss was an American physicist and writer who became known for hisinterest in collecting data regarding anomalous phenomena, compiled andpublished as The Sourcebook Project, which also included cryptozoologicaltopics. Images.


ROBERT SCHNECK: Silently She's Combing

Silently she's combing,
Combing her long hair
Silently and graciously,
With many a pretty air.

The sun is in the willow leaves
And on the dappled grass,
And still she's combing her long hair
Before the looking-glass.

I pray you, cease to comb out,
Comb out your long hair,
For I have heard of witchery
Under a pretty air,

That makes as one thing to the lover
Staying and going hence,
All fair, with many a pretty air
And many a negligence.

James Joyce

CFZ PEOPLE: Matthew Williams (Wednesday)

Happy Birthday dude...


I found the following story on the Paranormal and Ghost Society Group site by way of Google Groups:

HAIRY BEAST Location/Date: Hong Kong, China-March 1955- evening

Doors were barred in Hong Kong as the police searched for a hairy beast, said by terrified residents to be a shaggy animal over 6ft tall. One man, a village gardener named Law Chiu had fought it and lived. The thing attacked him about 50 yards from the family temple. It was covered with long shaggy grey hair. It stood upright when it came at him. He punched it in the stomach but the creature fell on him and they grappled for some time. The creature then went away, loping on all fours. Some time after that a woman saw a strange animal galloping past her vegetable garden on four legs, and as proof she exhibited large triangular footprints in the soft earth. They were unlike those made by man or ape.(1)

1. http://groups.google.com/group/paranormalghostsociety/browse_thread/thread/29b27fac08c4ae8/879a4ab2c8ed2eb8?q=hairy+beast+Hong+Kong

P.S The source for the story is given as The Saucerian Review January 1956 which is on sale on ebay for c. £60. Does anyone have a copy themselves to see if there is any more information? I have found no further information on the Web. But I don`t intend to give further research too easily.

CFZ PEOPLE: Roy Braund-Phillips (Wednesday)

I am embarrassed to say that although I have known you for thirty years, you always manage to avoid my camera, and the best picture I can find is of you eating cake at the 2007 WW. Happy Birthday old friend...

OLL LEWIS: Yesterday's News Today


On this day in 1940 the actor Sir Patrick Stewart OBE was born. Stewart's best roles have been Deputy Director Bullock in American Dad and Professor Xavier in the X-Men films (according to an artist from the comic, long before the film was even thought of artists would often use photographs of Stuart as the character model), he is also a very experienced theatre actor with roles in Hamlet, The Tempest, Waiting for Godot, The Caretaker, Macbeth, Twelfth Night and Othello under his belt. He was also in Star Trek: The Next Generation but I'm afraid that I share Richard Freeman's opinion about that show, even having a good actor like Stewart in it can't make up for it's lack of imagination.
And now the news:

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Hmm, that's a mighty handsome critter: