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Thursday, June 30, 2011

CRYPTOLINKS: Hunting Wildmen in the Pyrenees

Spain: Searching for Bigfoot in the Aragonese Pyrenees – The First Expedition By Javier Resines, Criptozoología en España

Since time immemorial there has been speculation surrounding the existence of "wild men" in certain isolated of the Pyrenees where access is difficult. This likelihood has regained currency following the information supplied by recent expeditions made in to the region of Bielsa, Huesca (Spain).

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Lizardman Cloned At Ripley's Times Square Odditorium, Celebrates With Corkscrew


It is the best headline of the year and came, as you might have guessed, from the boy Freeman.


Oliver has found what looks like another yolk sack in the caecilian tank. Have we got another baby? If so, it is hiding but there are plenty of places to hide.

HAUNTED SKIES: A sneak preview of the cover of Vol 3


OLL LEWIS: Yesterday's News Today


On this day in 1997 the actor Robert Mitchum died. Mitchum played Raymond Chandler's genre-defining private eye Philip Marlowe in two 1970s films: Murder My Sweet and The Big Sleep. These were, of course, remakes and not as famous as the original versions but unhindered by the Hays Code were truer to the source material. Mitchum also stared in Scrooged, a modern (or it was at the time) take on A Christmas Carol staring Bill Murray.
And now the news:

Runaway cow herd takes over Tredegar street
Underwater landslide likely cause of 'mild tsunami...
Al-Sayed al-Essawy, Egyptian 'Gladiator,' Fights L...
Turtle washed up on Cornish beach has a scan after...
Happy orangutans live longer in zoos
Border collie sniffs out noxious weeds on Missoula...
Inflatable Shark Among 300 New Species Discovered ...
Coelacanth slowly reveals its secrets
Snake sanctuary owner Luke Yeomans dies from cobra...
Tiny Chihuahua shows talent for herding sheep

You know that feeling you get when you suspect the trailer might be better than the actual movie... well, you will after watching this:


Paralysed cat takes swimming lessons

Mog the cat survived Cornwall's floods last year but was hit by a car. Now he's learning to swim, in the hope that it will help him walk again.
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GLEN VAUDREY: Trail Cameras for Sumatra Part 8

Sadly, today marks the end of the trail cam funding campaign for the expedition to Sumatra.

Many thanks to those who have so far donated; your contributions are very welcome and much appreciated. If you haven’t yet donated and you want to there is still a bit of time left; just about 11 hours so you will have to be quick.

Just to recap, to sponsor a trail cam will cost £100. If that seems a little steep why not get a group together? A group of five will pay just £20 each. Sponsors will get an update on any pictures and when something exciting is spotted your name will go up in lights alongside the photo.

Don’t despair: if you miss out on Trevor, he has plenty of friends who also need help in breaking free.

Your sponsorship will pay for the release and upkeep of Trevor and kin, but sadly you will have no rights to take him home.

Now doesn’t that sound like a good deal? Armchair cryptozoology at its best. All the fun of an expedition without being bitten by scary tropical insects.

If you like the sound of this then please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

For further information you can contact me at glen@cfz.org.uk

Donations can be made via PayPal to Trailcams@CFZ.org.uk

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