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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Grand Canyon River Trip with emphasis on Natural History/Herps (Via Herp Digest)

Attendees of the upcoming Biology of the Rattlesnakes symposium in Tucson may want to consider tagging on a once in a lifetime river trip through Grand Canyon. Andrew Holycross has a commercial trip booked 13-19 JULY through Grand Canyon Whitewater outfitters. This 7 day/7 night trip will take you from Lee's Ferry to Diamond Creek... over 225 miles through most of the length of Grand Canyon. Although the temperatures are toasty, the season is perfect for maximizing opportunities to see Grand Canyon Rattlesnakes, Speckled Rattlesnakes, and other herpetological denizens of Grand Canyon. The river company provides sleeping bags, tents, cots, meals, etc. The cost is $1599... and trips of this length usually cost about $2400.

If you are interested, please contact Andrew Holycross AS SOON AS POSSIBLE at andrewholycross@gmail.com.


This month's OTT is going to be a few days late, mainly because Corinna isn't coming back until tonight, and tomorrow we have a little party to celebrate the Downes family being 40 years in Woolsery. So expect it sometime over the weekend....

FORTEAN: Richard Freeman found this story which should stand as an object lesson for us all.

A notorious witch whose monument has attracted visitors to Perthshire for two centuries probably never existed, according to a local historian.

The Maggie Wall monument, near the village of Dunning, supposedly commemorates the death of Maggie Wall, who was burned at the stake in 1657.

It has drawn a steady flow of visitors from all over the world, including Moors murderers Myra Hindley and Ian Brady, who came to Scotland on holiday in September 1965 after they had killed four children.

Read on...

RICHARD MUIRHEAD: Weird Wildlife Crisps


To save myself from starvation in the coming apocalypse,
I have decided on a wreckless and exciting venture
into the culinary unknown:
`Weird Wildlife Crisps`.
To test how well my new range of flavours is
doing I saunter into the nearest bar
like the macho man I am not.
“I say old bean, may I try some porcupine
and bat flavour crisps?”
“Er, what….?” But I interrupt,
“ Well how about octopus and
cucumber?” The bar man
stutters and goes red,
“OK I`ll settle for rabbit
and weasel” I try and
help. He turns and I
observe his fingers
dialing the local psychiatric
hospital number and I
turn and run as I have done
so many times before.

© Richard Muirhead

HAUNTED SKIES: Mrs Quick, Storrington, 1967


OLL LEWIS: Yesterday's News Today


On this day in 1908 the Tunguska event occurred.
And now the news:

Why is there only one human species?
Ladybird made into 'zombie' bodyguard by parasitic...
Charnel house gives up its secret: 1,000 human bon...
Evolution machine: Genetic engineering on fast for...
The first advertising campaign for non-human prima...
Cemetery of giant creatures found in Central Afric...
Animal park welcomes 'terror bird' cousin hatchlin...
Drugs plot raid reveals old woman feeding rabbits ...

Bunnies in cups:

FANTASTIC NEWS: Breeding success

As regular visitors either to this blog or to the CFZ itself will know, two years ago we acquired eight very young specimens of an undescribed species of cichlid - Aequidens spp - from Peru. We lost three of them in a power cut during the winter of 2009/2010 and another one a couple of months ago in a fight between the two largest specimens.

However, today, they have bred, and we have approximately 500 babies.

We will be happy to share them to any aquariums or private fishkeepers (especially those with experience of cichlids, and either a species tank or a collection of large cichlids)

We shall be studying the growth of these little fishes closely, as next to nothing is known about them...

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