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Sunday, July 12, 2009


I have known Neil for fifteen years now, since he was a mod schoolboy with ambitions for adventure and I was an earnest young hippy who merely wanted to start a club for people interested in unknown animals. Nothing much has changed over the years; we are just both a tad older....

I recently spoke with Jon as he knows of my large collection of paranormal-related documentaries and films and I mentioned about it becoming part of the CFZ Museum/archive as such. For many years I’ve collected documentaries, news clips, tv shows, films and series pertaining to monsters, ghosts, UFOs, etc, etc. I did this because I felt that too many great programmes from many years ago were simply forgotten and would no doubt be wiped from T.V. archives etc. I thought it a great idea that maybe the CFZ could have dvd copies, which kids, and whoever else was interested, could maybe view at the museum etc.

If anyone has any material they’d like to share, or wants to find an old crypto-documentary then let me know. Much of what I have will be put to disc and eventually Jon and co. could store these copies at the CFZ. I have a big list of material, from ‘big cat’ docu’s and news clips, to rare lake monster footage, to zooform shows. If you think it’s a good idea, let me know.


Dear Mr Downes

I apologise for not having been in touch for some time. I gather you enjoy receiving my correspondence. Are there any ichthyologists among your band of merry men and women? I wonder if they may be able to help.

When a human contracts scombroid poisoning he usually suffers for a few hours before becoming well again, from what I have read of the disease, but what if a merperson, hypothetically, were to contract it from their own tail? I understand you believe such creatures to be ‘zooform’, but say they were flesh and blood and the fish part was of the scombridae family. Said merperson was too long out of water and the tail began to die off, so to speak. The tail could release toxins into the living human half of the creature, could it not? Whereas a human who ate a dodgy piece of mackerel would get better once the fish was out of his system, the poor afflicted merperson would be perpetually ill, one must assume, since the fish tail remains attached to the body. Could that theoretically be the case? And if so, how would one, theoretically, cure the merperson of his ailment without recourse to amputation?

I imagine you will think I am mad after this but do bear with me. It is something to think about if we ever were to discover such a creature, don’t you think?

Yours truly,

Sostratus Winston



My cat brought us this bug. I live in Mass & have never seen this in over 50 years that I've been here. Please help if you can.


I think that it is a hawkmoth (sphynx) of some species, which has not developed full wings, either because it was still emerging when the cat caught it, or because of some injury, or developmental disorder.

But what do YOU think?

Hideous Man-Beast Washes Up On Shore Of Municipal Pool

Hideous Man-Beast Washes Up On Shore Of Municipal Pool
July 10, 2009 Issue 45•28

SEWARD, NE—Responding to complaints about an awful stench, local lifeguard Matt Frieze, 26, discovered what appeared to be the bloated body of a repulsive man-beast that had mysteriously washed up on the shore of the Dowding Municipal Pool Monday.

Frieze, who found the unidentified monstrosity sprawled out on the concrete at approximately 2:30 p.m., said he attempted to inspect the bizarre creature but was repelled by the sight of the putrid mass of flesh and hair.

"I've never seen anything like it before," said Frieze, adding that he first assumed it was just a pile of rotting sewage until he noticed its lower extremities were partially covered by what appeared to be a denim garment. "It looked like some kind of decomposing manatee with
these horrible teeth and a face like...."

"Oh my God, I think I'm going to be sick," Frieze added.

Rest of story at:


OLL LEWIS: Yesterday’s News Today


Sunday, as you know, is Stereo-scopic Sunday, so red and blue 3D glasses at the ready for today’s photo. This week Orange Cat (aka Spider) pays homage to a Mexican dragon/snake god carving. If you’ve read Jon’s book Only Fools And Goat-Suckers then the carving will need no introduction as it features in the book. If you haven’t read Only Fools And Goat-Suckers then you now have a reason to buy a copy don’t you? Oh and while you’re at it, buy Island Of Paradise too.

And now, the news:

Poaching boom is once again threatening the world’s rhinos

Travelling far means absent fathers

Toxic Substance Allows Birds to "See" Magnetic Field

Oldest dinosaur burrow discovered

Cold winter may have hit harriers

Blue Lobster Is 1 in 2 Million Find

Why did the Lobster blush?

Because the sea weed.

(an old joke, but a good one)